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About us

Sokoły, a Polish folk dance ensemble for kids, was founded in April 2015, under the umbrella of Łowiczanie Polish Folk Dance Ensemble. The main idea for establishing the group was to fascinate children with Polish folk dance in order to promote their Polish heritage. During weekly classes, children dance, sing, work on various art projects and learn about Poland, its language, history and customs. Sokoły group welcomes children aged 5 -15 years, and provides all young performers with the richly-ornamented authentic national and regional costumes of Poland. The group is directed by volunteers: Gosia Wojciechowska - general management, Piotr Irby - dance, Kasia Hudack - music, Basia Stepaniuk - costumes. The young performers’ enthusiasm and engagement on-stage demonstrates that Sokoły kids share the same passion for Polish folk dance as their older counterparts from Łowiczanie.

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