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Great Fun at the Annual Roseville Polish Festival!

Łowiczanie has another full day of performances under its embroidered belt. Roseville was our first performance back after a break in summer, and we threw off the flip flops for our dancing boots. Even with many dancers still on vacation, we made a strong program and danced four different sets throughout the day. Our Sokoły Children's Group was outstanding, presenting three sets of songs and dances during the festival. We all had so much fun and can't wait for next year!

Here are some videos of Lowiczanie's Dances! Which one is your favorite?

Songs and Dances from Spisz

National Dances: Kujawiak and Mazur from the Opera Halka

Songs and Dances of Polska Roma

Szot Madziar

Suita Warszawa (Tango and Polka Warszawska)

Kujawiak Oberek

More Photos from the Roseville Festival

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