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Łowiczanie at San Francisco's City Hall

The world’s 2nd democratic constitution – that of Poland’s 1791 Constitution – is celebrated by Poles living throughout the world. In San Francisco the Polish flag is annually raised at City Hall on May 3rd in the presence of the Mayor or a selected designee, together with our Hon. Consul General, Tadeusz Taube.

Left-to-right: Michal Klempka; SFKSCA member, Caroline Brownstone; Mary Kay Stuvland; Hon. Consul Taube; Maciej Smusz; Taube Philanthropies CEO and VP SFKSCA, Shana Penn

Every year, Polonia’s organizational representatives are invited to attend. Lowiczanie’s Artistic director, Mary Kay Stuvland (who also wears the hats of Board Secretary of the SF-Krakow Sister-City Association, and Vice-President of the Polish National Alliance, Lodge 7) attended on May 3, 2023 with two dancers, Michal Klempka and Maciej Smusz. The dancers sported gorgeous Lowiczanie Trybsz costumes from the Spisz region of Poland , which is located just east of the Tatry Mountains in southen Poland, close to its border with Slovakia. Spisz was one of the three sets of dances that Lowiczanie presented in Golden Gate Park for its own concert presented on Sunday, May 7 in honor of the Polish Constitution of 1791.

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